Civil Law

Agustin Lex International Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services to our clients under litigation of civil Disputes, Law related to Transfer of Property, Will, Estate, Succession, law of Recovery and other.

Civil law is a body of rules that defines and protects the private rights of citizens, offers legal remedies that may be sought in a dispute, It is also Known as the body of laws of a state or nation regulating ordinary private matters, as distinct from laws regulating criminal, political, or military matters.

A comprehensive system of rules and principles usually arranged in codes and easily accessible to citizens and jurists. An adaptable system, with civil codes avoiding excessive detail and containing general clauses that permit adaptation to change. A primarily legislative system, yet leaving room for the judiciary to adjust rules to social change and new needs, by way of interpretation and creative jurisprudence.

Agustin Lex International Law Firm represents a number of government bodies, companies as well as individual clients with respect to their Civil litigation matters. We represent clients on all types of Civil and Commercial litigation in all the courts and tribunals in the country. We have our network of Civil Litigation attorneys around the country. Agustin Lex International Law Firm holds experienced and skilled Lawyers to defend individuals in civil legal matters.

Civil Disputes:

Breach of contract
  • Contract
  • Declaration
  • Eviction
  • Injunction
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Possession
  • Recovery
  • Property disputes
  • Partition disputes